Cat’s 30th Birthday

Hi Kelly. Just wanted to say how much of a success your cake was. Everybody said how fabulous it was and Cat’s face when she saw it was a picture. It is delicious and so moist. I have passed on a few of your cards, so I hope you will hear from them. Thank you so much again xx  Cat’s Mum

Carol’s Masquerade Ball

Birthday Cake for Carol

Thank you…..my cake was awesome…..very talented Kelly Henry…..I loved it 😘😘😘xxx Carole Geach

Alice’s 1st Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes Hampshire

Alice’s 1st Birthday

Thank you so so much. It’s incredible. Tastes absolutely amazing too xx Lauren Rice

Noel’s 2nd Birthday Cake

Kightley’s 3rd Birthday

Thank you so much Kelly Henry for the most amazing cake. Kightley absolutely loved it and it was sooo delicious too. hehe xx Leanne Levett

Don’s 70th Birthday

I would like to say I made this cake….but the amazing Kelly Henry ( Village Green Bakes) did.
Thank you very much Kelly….Don loved it ! It tastes delicious x x   Julie McCrudden


Scarlett’s 6th Birthday

Birthday cake for Scarlett

When your daughter asks for a butterfly flamingo cake – Kelly you are a magnificent!! Village Green Bakes

Hayley’s 13th Birthday

Birthday cake for a horse fan

Thank you Kelly Henry, it’s such a lovely cake, we have almost eaten it all, it’s so yummy!! Hayley loved it, think she’s gone to bed early 😂 Andrea Huskinson xx

Poppy’s 5th Birthday

Birthday cake – Frozen

The cake was absolutely amazing Kelly – Holly loved it…. look what’s left 😊
Can we order Poppy’s now!!!  Jo Davis

You’re Fabulous Cake Shedfield Lodge

Your Fabulous Cake – Black

Thanks to the staff at Shedfield Lodge for a really interesting, informative and well-thought out presentation at the Reading Room in Shedfield yesterday for Dementia Awareness Week. The cakes were scrummy, too  Sheila Chinn

Grandad’s Birthday Cake


Leanne Nevett, said the following:

“Amazing birthday cake for my dad made by the amazing talented Kelly Henry thank you sooo much British bake off this year my lovely ”