Jenny Seward – 28.12.2021  Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes – I have been truly spoilt this morning, now onto a day of gaming Huge thanks to Kelly Henry for an absolutely amazing cake – I’m not sure I can bring myself to eat it!



Aria – 5th Birthday

Amy Riopel – Thank you so much Kelly! She absolutely loved it  17 December 2021


Helen’s 40th birthday cake went with a bang!  4th December 2021

Happy 50th Birthday Sean Treacey

Val Treacey 28th November 2021 – Thank you so much, Kelly … the cake display was amazing. Everyone was taken aback by how perfect and detailed it was (even the staff were taking photos). The actual cake tastes gorgeous and thank you for the cupcakes. Thjey went down very well. The event went so well. xx

Sue Barker - 60th Birthday

Sue Barker – Ferry to the Isle of Wight

John Barker

Thank you for the cake for Sue’s 60th birthday. It is absolutely lovely and was a very delightful surprise to her. Kind regards. John and Sue 22 October 2021
Pam Wilson  This was the cake you made for my husband for his 70th. He was blown away by it. Not only was it a good replica of the one in our garage, it was the lightest, had the most flavour I have ever tasted in a cake. Very moist and light. Thank you so much. It made his day, especially as the weather was very wet.  4 October 2021
The cake was just as delightful to taste as it was to admire! THANK you dear Kelly for such a magnificent work of art. LOTS of love from us all, Liv  xxxx 2 October 2021


18th Birthday Cake for Finlay

Katie Williamson

Thanks so much Kelly, it was delicious 😋  23rd September 2021

Fairy Cake

James Dicks

Thank you kelly  The cake tasted just as good as it looked!  Amazing!  15th September 2021
Ninja Turtle Cake for Noel's 6th Birthday

Ninja Turtle Cake for Noel’s 6th Birthday

Kirsten Stream

Amazing cake…and very tasty too x
Was amazing xxxx thank you so much xxx  25 April 2021

Gin Cake

Thank you for making Kay her cake. taste amazing as always x   22 April 2021

Elvis Presley Cake

Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry

Bob Dylan AND Brian Ferry’s album title.

I’m just blown away! Bob Dylan AND Brian Ferry’s album title. It took me a week to cut it and I’ve saved ‘Bob’ as an object d’art on my mantlepiece. What an artist you are, Kelly. The cake was delicious, too 🙂  15 April 2021




Mum's 60th Birthday Cake

How insane is this for my mum’s birthday?! Bethanyvere_art 12 April 2021












Kirsty Mills  Thank you, she loved her cake! 22 March 2021







Luke's Liverpool Football Club Birthday Cake

Liverpool Football Club Birthday Cake

Megan Wills 3 September 2020  Thank for this cake Kelly it was amazing and Luke absolutely loved it 😘❤️



Thanks so much. It tasted lovely too xx



Traves family cakes

Traves family cakes

Kayleigh Louise Traves

2 July 2020 at 09:14 

So, I’ve had 4 cakes since may this year for birthdays for hubby and the kids. every cake has been so amazingly fresh and the attention to detail has been fantastic. I cant rate these cakes enough, nothing is to much trouble. I will not go anywhere else for birthday cakes. if you want fresh cake, amazing designs, value for money, speedy and friendly service then look no further. thank you so much village green bakes 💓 your talent is outstanding. best wishes the Traves family xx


Today is my birthday and also marks 5 years since dropping out of uni half way through my degree. I didn’t know what I was going to do but had always loved drawing so gave myself a year to try and build a job out of it. Five years down the line and my world has changed beyond measure. From working with the most amazing clients to achieving things I could only of ever dreamed of 5 years ago. I am so excited to see what the next 5 years will bring 🥂🍾 This INCREDIBLE birthday cake is by @villagegreenbakes who has made some of my work edible?!!! Thank you Kelly, you’ve blown my mind with this cake! 😍🥰❤️

14 January 2020
Mandy MooThank you Kelly for this awesome tasty cake xx  7 January 2020

Daisy’s Cake


Thank you for Daisy’s amazing cake thank you Kelly Henry ❤️  –  Cassie Estelle – 29 November 2019


Jake and Daisy’s Cake


Thank you so much Kelly Henry for the the kids cake roll on they’re party this evening ❤️  Cassie Estelle – 2 November 2019


Jake’s Fortnight Birthday Cake

Thank you so much Kelly Henry for Jake amazing cake …… he’s made up with it ❤️ xxx – Cassie Estelle – 19 October 2019




Eden’s Birthday Cake – September 2019

Eden's Birthday Cake

Eden’s Birthday Cake



Thank you Kelly Henry for Edens absolutely amazing cake I cannot wait till she sees it 😍😍😍 – Amber Campbell – 16 September 2019

 Shedfield Lodge Summer Fete – 9 September 2019

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Shedfield Lodge Summer Fete – Follow the Yellow Brick Road


shedfieldlodge.com What a fantastic cake you made (again)!! We are truly blessed to have such a talent on board! 🤗

 Luke's Birthday Cake

Luke’s Birthday Cake


August 2019

Want to say a massive thank to Kelly Henry for such a amazing cake – Megan Willis August 2019

Fundraising Day – July 2019

Last Day of the School Term 2019

Marie Curie Cancer Care and McMillan Nurses Fundraising Day – June 2019

Your cakes were very well received and devoured. Someone came to the kitchen door to say that she had just eaten the best piece of coffee and walnut ever. How good is that? We had 183 visitors, of which over 100 had tea and cake. We raised £1,200 for the charities. Marie Curie Cancer Care and MacMillan Nurses.

Thanks again for being so reliable, much appreciated. I will certainly recommend you .

Very best wishes and thanks again. For once, things went to plan!                Linda Smith    2 June 2019

Rose’s 50th Birthday Cake




Thank you such an amazing cake xx    Rose Freemantle  





Molly’s 16th Birthday



We were over the moon with this; highly recommend you ! Thank you so much for helping to make Molly’s birthday so special xx    Suzanne Harding

Cat’s 30th Birthday



Hi Kelly. Just wanted to say how much of a success your cake was. Everybody said how fabulous it was and Cat’s face when she saw it was a picture. It is delicious and so moist. I have passed on a few of your cards, so I hope you will hear from them. Thank you so much again xx  Cat’s Mum

Carol’s Masquerade Ball

Thank you…..my cake was awesome…..very talented Kelly Henry…..I loved it 😘😘😘xxx Carole Geach

Alice’s 1st Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes Hampshire

Alice’s 1st Birthday

Thank you so so much. It’s incredible. Tastes absolutely amazing too xx Lauren Rice

Noel’s 2nd Birthday Cake

Kightley’s 3rd Birthday

Thank you so much Kelly Henry for the most amazing cake. Kightley absolutely loved it and it was sooo delicious too. hehe xx Leanne Levett

Don’s 70th Birthday

I would like to say I made this cake….but the amazing Kelly Henry ( Village Green Bakes) did.
Thank you very much Kelly….Don loved it ! It tastes delicious x x   Julie McCrudden


Scarlett’s 6th Birthday

Birthday cake for Scarlett

When your daughter asks for a butterfly flamingo cake – Kelly you are a magnificent!! Village Green Bakes

Hayley’s 13th Birthday

Birthday cake for a horse fan

Thank you Kelly Henry, it’s such a lovely cake, we have almost eaten it all, it’s so yummy!! Hayley loved it, think she’s gone to bed early 😂 Andrea Huskinson xx

Poppy’s 5th Birthday

Birthday cake – Frozen

The cake was absolutely amazing Kelly – Holly loved it…. look what’s left 😊
Can we order Poppy’s now!!!  Jo Davis

You’re Fabulous Cake Shedfield Lodge

Your Fabulous Cake – Black

Thanks to the staff at Shedfield Lodge for a really interesting, informative and well-thought out presentation at the Reading Room in Shedfield yesterday for Dementia Awareness Week. The cakes were scrummy, too  Sheila Chinn

Grandad’s Birthday Cake


Leanne Nevett, said the following:

“Amazing birthday cake for my dad made by the amazing talented Kelly Henry thank you sooo much British bake off this year my lovely ”